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Welcome to Video Gamer's Paradise Forums! Empty Welcome to Video Gamer's Paradise Forums!

Post  smashbrosdude91 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:45 pm

Welcome to the Forums!
Welcome to Video Gamer's Paradise Forum Board!

On behalf of the Administration of the board, I would like to welcome you to the Video Gamer's Paradise Forum board.

I hope you have had time to read the rules and regulations.

Please do note the following:

  • Administrators of the board have Yellow Crowns by their name.
  • Moderators have Green crowns near their name.
  • "Committed Members" will have Blue crowns by their name. To learn how to become a committed member, please see the Board FAQ.
  • Technology Experts have their names in Orange and have orange crowns by their names.
  • Members will have Silver crowns by their name. Once you sign up, it may take a little while for your crown and title to appear. This part usually has to be done by an administrator, as the rank system can be a little glitchy.
This section is for Announcements only, which will be posted by either moderators or administrators. PLEASE READ ALL POSTS IN THIS SECTION FOR INFORMATION ON HOW THIS BOARD WORKS!

Thanks for joining, and happy posting!

Head of the forum community
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