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Post  smashbrosdude91 on Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:02 pm

Forum Games Forum Specific Rules
Forum Games Section - Forum Specific Rules

Why was this forum section created?

I wanted there to be a place where people could play their own forum games with each other. So, I created this forum!

Feel free to post and start your own game. However, don't start your own version of a thread that has been stickied/created. If you do this, expect the locktrain and accompaning locksmith to come and install a nice looking padlock on your thread. Laughing

A few rules, though (more are below in "Forum Specific Rules"):

  • Keep them appropriate. Anything that goes against the forum rules is subject to locking and other action.
  • Don't repost your game multiple times. This is really annoying!
  • If a forum game is really popular and the mods and I like it, we'll be nice and we'll sticky it so that it never gets eaten by the forum monster that eats all threads once they make it off the list.

Ok, start posting your awesome games!....and feel free to post on my submitted game "Count to 20 B4 a Mod Posts".....if all of you guys win too easily, that numbers going up! (this is just a warning)


Point values are earned a little differently in this thread to prevent people from gaining points by making 100 posts in a single game.

>>>>>>For Each game you start (new thread), you still earn 3 points.

>>>>>>For Each POST (playing the game) in a thread, you earn nothing.

>>>>>>For Each game that you started that gets made into a sticky, you earn 5 points extra.

All of these rules are subject to change without notice as needed.



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