8-12-2009 - The addition of HTML!

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8-12-2009 - The addition of HTML! Empty 8-12-2009 - The addition of HTML!

Post  smashbrosdude91 on Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:59 pm

EDIT == New to HTML? See the newspost here.

8-12-2009 - The addition of HTML! Bg_header_resized
We are happy to announce that HTML has now been enabled for this forum. This means that you can use HTML when posting your messages. BBCode is still enabled, however, so those of you who are comfortable with that mode can still use that mode.

We introduced HTML for a few reasons. One reason was so that we could create this parchment-like background. BBCode didn't support that, so we modified the site to allow HTML.

A few notes:

Arrow THERE IS NOT A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO USE HTML! To learn some HTML, see the link above. Most HTML is the same if not very similar to BBCode, and we recommend that you continue to use BBCode in your messages.

Arrow NOT ALL HTML TAGS ARE SUPPORTED. In fact, I have noticed that most tags don't seem to work. The only ones that work seem to be the ones very similar to BBCode, or ones that carry out the same functions as BBCode. Once again, we recommend that you stick with BBCode as there is no reason to try HTML, as you will probably get your hopes up and then will watch them crash down as your idea doesn't work!

Arrow HTML cannot be used in the Chatbox. It is not compatible there. Sorry!

Arrow Inapropriate things posted with HTML will be removed by Mods, as well as HTML tags that don't work and were left by the author. This is just to remove clutter from the forums.

Arrow NO OTHER PROGRAMMING/POSTING LANGUAGES WILL BE USED ON THIS FORUM! The host site only allows BBCode and HTML. In fact, they recommend BBCode because you can do more with it on the forum and because it is easier to use than HTML.

Feel free to try all this out on your own. If you experience difficulty, contact the board administrator, who will try to help out!
8-12-2009 - The addition of HTML! Bg_footer_resized


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