Hints and Cheats -- Use Spoilers

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Hints and Cheats -- Use Spoilers Empty Hints and Cheats -- Use Spoilers

Post  smashbrosdude91 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:18 pm

Don't you just hate it when someone posts a hint or cheat that you don't want? I know I do.

Any hint or cheat in this forum must be covered with a "spoiler"

[spoiler]Insert Hint Here[/spoiler]

That way, it blacks out that section, allowing people to see it only if they want to. To see it, click the spoiler box(try below)

Insert hint or cheat here so no one else can see

Please keep this in mind....we don't want people to be upset.

Question How do I make a spoiler? Question

Simple! Click the "Others" button above the message, then click spoiler, then type your message in between the [spoiler] tags.

Moderators and Admins will keep an eye on this. If you forget, its ok, we'll adjust it, but please try to remember.


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