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Forum Specific Rules - HTML Section Empty Forum Specific Rules - HTML Section

Post  smashbrosdude91 on Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:39 pm

HTML Section - Forum Specific Rules

HTML Section - Forum Specific Rules

Hi all,

Because this section can allow you to do almost anything, we have a few rules.

First off, you are not allowed to post anything that goes against the forum rules. This includes, but it not limitetd to, posting inapropriate things, etc.

Second, because this is supposed to be a learning section where you can try out new HTML codes, we have made it so that you cannot create your own threads in this section. All tests must be placed in the Try out your HTML thread (which we will keep a close eye on so that all rule breaking is dealt with).

If you have a guide of HTML that you would like to post, please contact me through PM, and I will set you up with a thread.

With that being said, its time for you to check out the HTML! You can read our guide here and you can try out your coding here.

Enjoy Very Happy


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