The State of the Forum -- 2010 in Preview

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The State of the Forum -- 2010 in Preview Empty The State of the Forum -- 2010 in Preview

Post  smashbrosdude91 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:33 pm

State of the Forum - 2010 in Preview
The State of the Forum -- 2010 in Preview

Hi and Welcome to the first State of the Forum post. I hope to make this a more frequent newsletter in the future!

We have now entered another year, and with a new year comes new changes. A few of these have already happened!

  • We have created the HTML Section, a nice spot to learn some HTML, try it out, and use it to enhance your posts in other sections. I know that only the "basic" section is posted right now, but I'm planning to release the "DIV" tags section in a week or two. Advanced codes will eventually be posted, but I haven't really decided what to include in there yet.

  • We have also started up a Technology section, Need Technical Help? This section will be used for our users to figure out how to fix their computer/gaming system problems. With this also came the new rank of Technology Expert.
We also have some things planned for later this year. These include, but are not limited to:

  • More new sections - I'm thinking about setting up a debates section and a Polls Section(maybe in Off Topic). If you're interested in running that section, let me know via PM.

    You can recommend even more new sections in forum feedback as well.

  • More Chatbox Sessions. We haven't really held too many of them recently, and I think this would be a way to bring the forum community together.

  • Input from the community - I would like the community to voice their opinion of what new things should be placed in the forum. This would be done via the Forum Feedback forum. If this idea proves popular, I'll add another sticky there for specific feedback from this post. For the meantime, either use the current sticky or post in this thread (I'm keeping it unlocked...for now).

  • New Features...well, we'll see....I don't know what new things will be put in, but...........
What do you think of that? I'm sure I'll be adding more to this thread, but I'm not sure what else I wanted to say, so I'll stop there.

This thread has been left unlocked so that you may post your feedback and comments. A chart has been created below showing what we will be doing. As each thing gets done, the row will turn green. Thanks for reading!

Head of the forum community
Need a Title Change/Move/Lock - Board FAQ - Member Submitted FAQs

Things to take action on

Summary of TaskWhere it was postedWho does it belong to?Timeframe of Task
Create sticky for polls and debates ideas in Upcoming Update feedbackN/Asmashbrosdude91January
Add more sections to the HTML GuideN/Asmashbrosdude91 and Forum ModsJanuary
Go through all the forum feedback on this thread and in "Forum Feedback"N/Asmashbrosdude91 and Forum ModsJanuary
Create a Forum NewsletterN/Asmashbrosdude91 and Forum ModsMay or June


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